Urban Gardens

When we choose work for the Delicious show we interpret the words "inspired by food and drink" in a broad sense. So included with pictures of fruit, cups of coffee, and chefs at work we also have farms, markets, bees, tractors and vineyards. One of the many places that people get the food they eat are community gardens. I walked over to Michelangelo Playground to see how the community garden there was faring. 


This small park on the border of North Beach has some recreational facilities, as well a lovely community garden tucked off to the side. 


I like seeing these little patches of agriculture in urban areas; they give people who never get out of the city a reminder of where food comes from. 

While I was in the area I walked over to Fay House, which I only knew from the print by Elizabeth Ashcroft that we have in the gallery.

Fay House by Elizabeth Ashcroft

Fay House by Elizabeth Ashcroft

In the back of the house there is another small park and garden. The house and garden were donated by the Fay family to the city of San Francisco, which maintains the garden.

The gardens at Fay Park

The gardens at Fay Park

I walked back up Greenwich to Alice Marble Courts, the basketball court with the best view and lively geezerball games on weekdays. The park surrounding the courts is called Sterling Park after the poet George Sterling. The following 2 images give a bit of his story.

sterling bio.jpg