Plus One
artists invite artists

April 28th - May 23rd, 2016
Opening reception:  Sunday, May 1st, 3-6 pm

We thought it would be fun to let some of our artists shape the next show.  So we asked 16 gallery artists to select a piece of their own for the show and to invite another artist to do the same.  The result, Plus One, is one of the most eclectic shows we've ever mounted in the gallery; it's full of talent of all shapes and sizes.  We were really curious to see what--and whom--everyone would pick:  the show includes painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture and photography.  We're delighted with the results, and we hope you are too. Here is a list of the artists in the show.

Leslie Morgan...Kristine Mays
Rab Terry...Jane Woolverton
Michael Chamberlain...Dmitri Cavander
Kanna Aoki...Lucia Dill
Karen White...Floy Zittin
Josh Coffy...Lisa Kurt
Cheryl Coon...Lisa Moore-Long
Wayne Jiang...Trey Gallaher
Barbara Wyeth...Ralph Wilson
Brandon Smith...Tomutsu Takishima
Emma Hirst...Dan Christian
Elizabeth Ashcroft...Jeffrey Thompson
Jerry Ross Barrish...Nancy Russell
Heather Capen...Katherine B. Young
Cathy Coe...Julie Harris
JoAnn Coffino...Ruby Wolfman

Click here to see images of the show.