Views of California
March 31st - April 25th, 2016

We love landscapes:  they can be such a welcome antidote to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  Terrain, our annual landscape show, includes work from 35 local artists, who turn their talents to the natural beauty of California.  The show includes pastoral landscapes as well as pieces that focus on the spots where the natural world meets the built environment.  Take a break and enjoy these lovely views of California, no sunscreen or bug spray necessary! 

Here's a list of the talented artists participating in Terrain...click here to see images from the show.

Chris Adessa
Kanna Aoki
Cynthia Armstrong
Kate Barrengos
Jerry Ross Barrish
Michael Chamberlain
JoAnn Coffino
Cheryl Coon
Christin Coy
Laura Culver
Robert Frank
Chris Grassano
Nancy Hartley
Emma Hirst
Denny Holland
Wayne Jiang
Bruce Katz
Charlotte Kay
Maude Kirk
Lindsey Kustusch
Sherrill Miller
Kathleen Mitchell
Inga Poslitur
Robert Porter
Michael Reardon
Sawyer Rose
Carla Roth
Teresa Ruzzo
Brandon Smith
Jack Stelnicki
Rab Terry
Victoria Veedell
Pep Ventosa
Karen White
Kathleen Wolf