Now Showing...

Terrain - views of California
May 4th - 22nd, 2017
opening reception:  Sunday, May 7th, 3-6 pm
closing reception:  Saturday, May 20th, 3-5 pm

Coming Attractions...

The gallery will be closed May 23rd - 31st

Rab Terry - new paintings
June 1st - 19th, 2017
opening reception:  Sunday, June 4th, 4-6 pm
artist demo:  Saturday, June 10th, 4-5 pm

Kanna Aoki - new paintings
June 22nd - July 10th, 2017
opening reception:  Sunday, June 25th, 4-6 pm

Bill Cone - new paintings
July 13th - 31st, 2017
opening reception:  Saturday, July 15th, 4-6 pm
artist talk:  Sunday, July 23rd, 4-5 pm

City Streets - urban views of the Bay Area
August 3rd - 28th, 2017
opening reception:  Sunday, August 6th, 3-6 pm

Delicious - work inspired by food & drink
August 31st - September 25th, 2017
opening reception 1:  Sunday, September 3rd, 2-6 pm
opening reception 2:  Sunday, September 10th, 2-6 pm

Michael Chamberlain - new paintings
September 28th - October 16th, 2017
opening reception:  Sunday, October 1st, 4-6 pm
artist talk:  Saturday, October 7th, 4-5 pm

Denny Holland - new paintings
October 19th - November 6th, 2017
opening reception:  Sunday, October 22nd, 4-6 pm
artist talk:  Saturday, October 28th, 4-5 pm

the gallery will be closed on Thursday, November 9th

tiny - small pieces
November 10th - December 23rd, 2017
opening reception:  Sunday, November 12th, 1-6 pm
Anniversary Party!:  Sunday, December 3rd, 1-6 pm