Rab Terry
New Venetian Plaster Paintings
February 16th - March 13th, 2011
Artist demo:  Saturday, February 26th, 4-5 pm
Opening reception:  Sunday, February 27th, 2-6 pm

And now for something completely different...!  After filling the gallery with hundreds of little pieces for the last few months, it seems lovely to lose oneself in Rab's new paintings.  The large color fields often seem to shimmer:  some pieces focus on the juxtaposition of two colors, and others are much more about process.  The overall effect is one of interesting serenity:  the pieces are both intriguing and beautiful, providing a little zone of contemplation away from all the noise of everyday life.  Rab works with Venetian plaster, which is a tintable plaster derived from limestone.  Each piece is built of multiple layers of plaster, each one tinted and applied with a steel trowel and then sanded down to reveal the colors beneath.  The finished piece has a smooth feel and is cool to the touch, like polished stone.