work inspired by birds
February 1st - 26th, 2012
opening reception:  Saturday, Feb 4th, 2-6 pm

Birds have worked their way into so many aspects of our lives.  For those of us who live in the city, birds may be the only "wild" animals we regularly see.  This show of work inspired by our feathered friends celebrates birds in many incarnations:  alone and in pairs, at rest and in flight, friendly or frightening.  A series of twelve pieces done by Josh Coffy, one for each month, provided the initial spark for the show.  Work from Michael-Che Swisher, Sofia Harrison, Chris Grassano, dk haas, Chiami Sekine, Lindsey Kustusch, Barbara Wyeth, C3, Jim Rosenau, Richard Benbrook, Michelle Waters, Phyllis Rockne, Toru Sugita, Christine Benjamin, Niana Liu, Jack Stelnicki, Lana Purnell, Greg Reeder, Lorraine Grassano, Felicia Forte, Floy Zittin, Elizabeth Ashcroft, Zach Oldenkamp, Ayu Tomikawa, Sylvia Gonzalez, Linda darsow Sutton, Maggie Hurley, Ryan Lee, and of course Rab Terry rounds out the show.