work inspired by food & drink
March 13th - April 14th, 2013
Opening reception:  Sunday, March 17th, 2-6 pm

Delicious, our annual show of work inspired by food and drink, is like a visual Thanksgiving:  abundant and diverse, with just a dash of tradition.  With over 110 local artists participating in the show, we've got everything from paintings of retro diners and birthday cakes to dim sum and farm-fresh produce.  There are stunning still lifes, lots of beautiful vineyards and farms, and even pieces that incorporate family recipes.  A list of participating artists is below; click here and here to see some images from the show. 


Kanna Aoki
David Cheifetz
Lana Purnell
Wayne Jiang
Karen White
Brandon Smith
Michael Chamberlain
Zach Oldenkamp
Chris Leib
Christin Coy
Holly Mathews
Matias Salas
Rachel Moseley
Pat Doherty
Olivia Chen
Jay Mercado
Scott Grabowski
Joevic Yeban
Robert Frank
Margaret Wade
Sherrill Miller
Kelcie Tinker
Kate Barrengos
Chris Grassano
Alan Mazzetti
Jesse Mangerson
Beth Knight
Chenoa Warner
Phyllis Rockne
Alice Koswara
Patricia Ancona
Adrienne Sherman
Jason Conn
Patricia Oji
Brent Bushnell
Gina Tecson
Jeanne Lotta-Sellars
Christie LaRussell
Mark Monsarrat
Sofia Carmi
Kathleen Wolf
Emily Proud
Beverly Brown
Christina Goh Williams
Mary Valente
Michael Loomis
Denny Holland
Katy Kindig
Josh Coffy
Nanette Biers
Lynette Cook
Larry Cannon
Ann Switzer
Lucy Conklin
Joann Coffino
Diana Liu Benet
Ed Penniman
Yun Huang
Monica Schwalbenberg-Peña
David Dunn
Ning Mercer
Kathryn Ikeda
Katie Horacek
Loretta Loy-Adair
Donna Marchesano
Carol Smith  Myer
Nancy Hartley
Helen Moreda
Jinyoung Park
Lindsey Millikan
Donna Salonga
Chris Coogan
Kelly Waters
Chris Adessa
Marie-Therese Brown

Prints, Etching & Photography
Barbara Wyeth
Alice Gibbons
Sylvia Gonzalez
Jody McMillan
Mark Dong
Barry Barnes
Nicole Baker
Geraldine Adams


Mixed Media & Encaustic
Brian Behnke
Sofia Harrison
Koji Nagao
Charlene Kelley
Murphy Adams
Barbara Kleinhans
Sharon Steuer
Pam Heyda
Maureen Shields
Chiami Sekine
Karen Honaker
Candice Ciesla


Sculpture & Ceramics
Richard Benbrook
Jim Rosenau
Liz Mamorsky
Lorna Newlin
Fr. John Takahashi
Terrie Raphael
Jack Stelnicki


Jared Leake
Carol Allen
Linda Pedersen
Tami Sloan Tsark
Emma Hirst
Eric Broers


Other Media
Heather Logsdon - cookbook wallets
Charlotte Kay - glass
Made in the Haight - accessory clips