Our Artists
We maintain an inventory of available pieces from a select group of gallery artists; click the name below to see what we've got tucked away...

Alice Gibbons - etchings of San Francisco
Bill Cone - pastel landscapes of the west
Brian Behnke - mischievous acrylic paintings & phobia encaustics
Brandon Smith - oil paintings
Chiami Sekine - mixed media 
David Cheifetz - oil paintings
Elizabeth Ashcroft - San Francisco hot spots
Greg Gandy - cityscapes and still lifes
Jeremy Mann - cityscapes and landscapes
Juntae Kim - oil paintings
Kanna Aoki - oil paintings
Karen White - California landscapes
Katie Gilmartin - prints of San Francisco inspired by pulp novels
Leo Bugel - cityscapes
Lindsey Kustusch - oil paintings
Michael Chamberlain - still lifes and cityscapes
Michael Moss - still lifes
Mike Farruggia - reclaimed street sign pieces
Niana Liu - San Francisco map prints on canvas
Nobu Tanaka- Bay Area landscapes
Paul Ferney - California landscapes and scenes from Paris
Scott Grabowski - oil paintings of the Bay Area
Xiau-Fong Wee - San Francisco cityscapes